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Hey, it’s me. Look, uh, perhaps you’re screening or perhaps you’re being screened by security… I just, uh, I just wanted to say sorry to leave things like that, okay? And I hope you have a good trip… I really do. Somebody else here wants to say something. Neeeighh! Uh… Captain Oats is a horse of few words but he said he’d like you to travel safe and, uh, he said we’ll miss you. So… okay. Okay, bye.

you don’t have to be blood to be family: Ryan Atwood & Seth Cohen

"It’s a good story, Ryan. It’s the tale of two young men who couldn’t be more different but they learn to overcome their differences. They team up and essentially become brothers, not unlike you and me. Except that I blew it. Ever since the day you got here you have totally had my back and I just - I promise you, from now on, I will never fail you again. I am so sorry."

Harry hadn’t counted on this; he had meant them to understand that he was undertaking the most dangerous journey alone.

jmscook asked: karen jackson or mandy milkovich

Rachel Berry + Musicals